Professional Services

digital cultureSM, along with our world class ecosystem partners, delivers high-quality, timely and cost-effective services for C-suite, marketing, human resources, and communications leaders.

Improve your organizational effectivenessmarketing, communications, growth and engagement with our transition advisory services, digital readiness offerings and guidance & training services. Here are some of the ways that partnering with digital cultureSM can help you achieve your goals.

Transition Advisory Services

Offering Strategic Solutions

  • Reposition communications, improve marketing, brand presence and organizational effectiveness
  • Develop a social media and digital marketing strategy that is aligned with your business objectives
  • Create strategic plans to improve internal and external communications and presence
  • Transform organization and culture
  • Improve  innovation, relationships with customers, and employee engagement
  • Address OD and change management issues
  • Examine role of leaders and employees
  • Identify key success factors and goals

Are you ready to become a social business? How do you know? Use PSMO to determine when and how to make the transition.

Digital Readiness Offerings

Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Effective use of social media, digital marketing and communities
  • Create and manage virtual work environments
  • Research and analytics to measure and monitor success

Guidance & Training Services

Discerning Appropriate Strategy and Tactics

Social Media Education and Training
  • Customized executive presentations and training
  • Part-day to multi-day workshops
  • Personal training and digital coaching
Social Media Guidelines
  • Social media policies that reflect industry and culture
  • Ensure buy-in from key stakeholders and management
  • Process for successful roll-out and resistance to change
Employee/Market Insights Support
  • Adjunct employee/market research/market intelligence services
  • Employee & customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Competitive intelligence
  • New product introductions

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